What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimisation and Search engine marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising, page rank is very important in obtaining deserved results and working hand in hand as seo consultants we are able to offer services helping you to obtain better results our workshop is based in Auckland New Zealand. We can attend to your seo requirements in nz  or also able to supply the same seo services for overseas companies allowing businesses to take advantage of  New Zealand’s exchange rate see us for professional service

Our website is simple easy to navigate and easy to read, plenty of text and few graphics, Why? because we believe people are searching the internet for information not just pretty pictures. ask our team to put you on page one of Google

SEO known as search engine optimization or ,Search marketing is in itself like a form of art requiring a deep understanding of the way searching engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo work. Only after many years of study and learning how to work behind the scenes in the hidden world of coding have we come up with a system of procedures and top practices which will help any existing or new site to reach the results they want, this all takes time but our proven performance record means we can achieve results in the shortest possible time frame.

We are able to advise on marketing tactics and costs, we are able to set up ad words advertising campaigns and monitoring systems to keep the on line store owner informed as to what is working and also what does not work. With our ability to advise we can help keep budgets reasonable and avoid the expensive mistakes that others may make.

Proven design and search-engine optimisation

People are using the internet more and more to find the right product or service this saves time adding to everyone’s convenience products can be brought on line and delivered to you door, almost every house in New Zealand and the world, billions of people use computers, have you got knowledge or information you want to share, get a website

Our team make website’s work for you – we specialize in website marketing

WEBSITE’S can create a platform to introduce products to an expanding customer base, internet shopping is here to stay. We can create and optimise e-commerce website’s to suit your product. Once created we will use our expertise in marketing and optimization knowledge to customize an individual plan for your site. We will endeavor to earn Top Ten rankings for your chosen keywords.

Search engine Promotion – Search engine Submitting

Our website experts use manual submitting programs that avoid the pitfalls of robotic or automated systems. Because Google and other engines make regular changes and updates, our staff are constantly learning to keep abreast of the latest trends. We use photography and colour to grab attention and hold the customers long enough for them to stay and look at your website.