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Website Makers and Optimizers – Do you want a site that works?


We are a creative group of go-forward people racing to grab the world of high speed internet and turn it to our advantage. We have optimised a number of website’s which contain information on a variety of consumer products. We have become very successful with optimising website’s, many we have optimised also receive good page ranking on Google. Feel free to view our variety of sites which include shopping and information sites.



We offer free analysing of your website, the programs we use tell us how the search engines such as Google view your website. we can analyse your site and send you the results. if your website requires work we can quote based on the results of our analyzer

Prices differs according to individual customer requirements. As a rule, our hourly rate varies dependant on the work required.

from $50.00 – per hour for Data entry processing work

from $80.00 – per hour for Website design work

from $100.00 – per hour for Website graphic design work

from $150.00.00 – per hour for Website optimisation work

All + gst. So the overall price depends what the customer requires.

We would prefer the customer to give us a general outline and tell us what they want to say on their site.

We do accept Visa, Mastercard, Paymate or direct transfer. We also accept cash and Bartercard (limited supply on Bartercard )