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Our search engine ranking is dependant on a number of processes. To get listed in the results. your website must be submitted to the world wide web, then you can improve your search engine position by updating your website and also by improving your text content.

Significant improvements, are likely to involve restructuring your website, and would have been better attended to before starting to build your site.

We can assist you from the start, in fact you are better to talk to us even before you decide on a website name. the name of your website is all important

Our SEO experts will want to make sure that all your meta tags, titles and coding are in place, as they have a big bearing on your search engine rank, on Google, Yahoo, MSN or your local search engines .

We will have a look at your internal structures , your internal linking should have been suitably formulated before constructing your website. There are many ways of designing a site to be search engine friendly, We have obtained front page results for many sites we have made or optimised, we have the experience to help you get to the first page (this is dependant on your product and budget limits)

We have page one ranking for many of our sites, these are based on common search word terms such as

“Telephone repairs” Cordless phone, and Playstation repairs

If you need to succeed as we have, we are able to achieve such results . Sometimes it may involve starting again from the start, although there is a lot that we can do with your existing website, most website’s we see do require some creative writing and editing, this is a major part. We don,t just make a website, “we create” this can include search engine friendly text and a good story line.

There are a number of changes we can make to improve your search engine position, ranging from small text changes to recoding the page behind the scene, the bits that only the experts know about

Ask yourself some simple questions?

Q, Can you afford to have a website that will not perform ahead of your competitors?

A, No

Q, Can you afford to have a website that will not be found on the first couple of pages on Google?

A, No

Q, What determines your search engine rank on Google?

A, We have the answers

1,  How does Google work? That’s the first thing you need to learn if you want to improve your results. You have to know your enemy to beat them.

Fact!  Google captures 72% of all searches worldwide, Google is number one

Page rank! This is a tool Google uses to show how a website may rank in the search results, page rank is not automatic it is normally a result of hard work by the company performing SEO on your site,

The SEO team work to make sure that the search engine spiders move around from one section of your website page to another, as we can control the indexing of your site to make sure the most important pages the ones that earn income or inform your customers of your product or service are indexed as landing pages.